Frequently asked questions


  • Our web developers are Engineers and Master Degree holders in Computer APplications from reputed Universities in India.
  • Apart from that, our developers have gone through Professional Courses and other latest training programs to keep themselves ahead amidst the stiff competition.
  • We also make arrangements for various training programs to ensure we can cater to different needs of our clients.
  • We recommend excellent books to our developers, designers and project managers like “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephan Covey.
  • Whatever projects we have taken so far, we have succeeded in all.
  • We constantly monitor Performance, Quality and Security aspects of all the projects we do.
  • Our quotation for a project has always been very satisfying to our clients.
  • We have always finished projects within deadline.
  • We have always kept our client information and their trade details, secret.
  • After we deliver projects, we provide 3 months free maintenance period as well.
  • We always show professionalism in our Businesses.
  • We provide free quote on client's project requirement.
  • Project cost depends on many factors. Sometimes, it may change depending on how client's requirement changes from time to time. Our extensive experience in website development allows us to gauge client's needs and requirements quickly. We provide a review on the scope, scalability and budget of a project as early as possible. However the final price may differ depending on skills applied, purchased third party softwares, project duration, project nature and frameworks used etc etc.

We Ensure Quality

We maintain Quality of projects by using highly maintainable and refactored code. We also have certain automation processes to check the quality of code base we use. For instance, conducting periodic code reviews. Our programmers are dedicated to generate optimized code. Our software testing process include QA, system testing, functionality and feature testing, integration testing, regression testing and compatibility testing on numerous platforms.

We Ensure Best Budget

We ensure best budget for our clients. We always look into his/her Return on Investment (ROI). A project cost may differ based on technology changes, or if any third party licensed software purchased, or project duration changes because of requirement changes from time to time. However we always try to provide best value for his/her money invested in Web Development.

We Ensure On-time Delivery

Even though we follow a very well-monitored Software Development processes which are time consuming in its own way, we always try to deliver projects on time. In 90% cases the actual time to finish a project never crossed the time estimated for it where client’s requirement did not change over the development phase. However, in case of substantial amount of changes as requested by our clients, the project time-line increases.